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Alternate Titles for Prometheus

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Warning: Potentially spoiler-y.

Alright, I get why Prometheus is called Prometheus. On the most basic level, its the name of the expedition/ship that the movie is centered around, and on a slightly more complex level, there’s the whole Greek myth thing about the Titan who got uppity and tried to steal fire from the gods so that humans could enjoy the orange burning stuff too. I get that the connection between the movie’s storyline and the myth is that humans are attempting to literally bring themselves closer to their makers and will potentially be punished for that act, just like Prometheus was punished by being bound to a rock and having his liver picked out by an eagle on the daily (I’m not so sure about the fairness of the Greek gods’ justice system). However, I feel like if Ridley Scott had wanted to, he could have dumped the symbolic title and gone for some more literal ones like:

  • John Carpenter’s The Thing: A Spiritual Sequel
  • Don’t Touch Anything: A Cautionary Tale
  • Seriously, Don’t Touch the Mystery Black Gunk
  • Even Biologists Sometimes Misjudge Tentacle Aliens
  • Planet Not Earth: A Wildlife Documentary
  • The Adventures of Noomi Rapace and Her Cheekbones
  • Michael Fassbender is Frighteningly Good at Being a Robot
  • Sometimes Aliens Are Just Douche Bags
  • Not the Greatest Journey
  • Squid vs. Alien

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