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Check This Out: The Exquisite Corpse Project Trailer

I just ran across this trailer over at The Daily What and felt the need to share it because this is such a brilliant idea for a film project. For those not familiar with the concept behind the project, The Exquisite Corpse is a game where the first player writes the opening few sentences or paragraph (or I suppose more, if you’re really ambitious) of a story on a piece of paper, then folds the paper down so that only the last line is visible before passing it to the next player. The idea, then, is that one story is being created by a group of people, but that each contributor is only aware of a relatively small portion of the existing story before adding their own segment. The exercise was apparently popular with the Surrealists in the 1920s, which makes a lot of sense since you’re bound to get some pretty weird (and usually pretty funny) shit. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if this exercise has also become popular with film students, I haven’t heard of anyone actually making a movie based on an exquisite corpse story, so I’m excited to see how the Olde English Comedy troupe’s attempt plays out.



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