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Menomena, “Plumage”

Hey all, it’s going to be a short post this week because I’m kind of ill…actually, the ridiculous volume of Emergen-C that I’ve consumed over the past few days has done a pretty good job of suppressing my cold, but I’m still going to use it as an excuse to be lazy for a couple more days.

I do at least want to share this music video because it’s the best thing I’ve seen in ages. Yesterday I burnt my pizza while I was watching this because I was too absorbed to check the oven. Then I took out my burnt pizza, ate it, watched the video again, and had no regrets.

I’ve known of Menomena’s existence for awhile, but I’d never really listened to their music until they lured me in with this clever music video for the song “Plumage” (off their latest album, Moms). Thanks to “Plumage”, I’ve gained newfound respect for both their music and the band members’ ability to pull off waders and an Evil Knievel jumpsuit. Not many people can rock those particular looks, so good work, Menomena.

P.S. I really wish I could have a fast-wardrobe-change showdown with someone in the middle of a desert. I’m adding that to my bucket list.


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