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Amateur Blogger Wanders Out of the Desert and Vows to Continue Writing Unprofitable, Seldom-Read Blog


Hello dear readers,

I know you’ve probably been distraught for the last several months, what with my complete absence from the blogging world. I’m sure you asked yourselves, “Now that this Madeline character is off the grid, where will I read dramatic novelizations of music videos or awful movie pitches? There’s not enough of that kind of literature on the Internet, damn it.” I’m sorry to have left you in such a state, dear readers. Since I started Pop Culture Tea, I’ve taken a new job and moved from eastern Washington to Austin, Texas, so I’ve been taking some time to get used to my job and adjust to the culture of Texas. (People call me “ma’am” all the time here. It’s weird. Also, there are way more dead possums on the side of the road here than there were in Washington. I wasn’t prepared for that.)

Because I’ve been preoccupied with my move and my job, I kind of put my blog on the back burner, then took that back burner off the stove and locked it in a vault which I vowed never to open again. “You’re an AmeriCorps volunteer,” I told myself. “No more time for pop culture humor articles; you have 16-year-olds’ college application essays to edit now.” But then the other day I tripped over a slow-moving possum on the side of the road, hit my head something fierce, and had the following epiphany: like Liz Lemon and Erin Brockovich, I should be able to balance multiple facets of my life. I should be able to give my students essay feedback like “expand on this sense of alienation” while also writing phrases like “waterfall full of memory trout” on my personal time. So I’ll be updating Pop Culture Tea periodically—consider subscribing if you like my stuff, because I can’t promise that I’ll be updating on a consistent schedule, and if you subscribe you will be informed by the Internet heralds whenever I post more of my wordthoughts.

Cordially yours,

Madeline Jacobson


About Madeline Jacobson

Saturated in pop culture since 1990. Writing about it since 2012. If you want to talk to me about anything I blog about, please do! Comment on my blog, or find me on Twitter @mjacobsonwrites

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